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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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580. there is that car there. officers look for evidence. it appears there is one arrest. but we understand police are looking for other who's ran from the scene. if we have new developments we'll let you know. >> update on breaking news we brought you at 4:00 today. sky 7 over the scene just minutes ago. authorities pulled a car out of the grocery outlet store. and you can see, the black car that crashed into this store about 3:45. police say a driver lost control. no one was hurt. a few customers were hit by glass and debris. we're glad to tell you none of the injuries were serious. >> the bay area had a flu death tonight. a 98-year-old woman. officials have not released a name and will only say she died this month.
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there have been at least four other deaths state wide, experts could not believe the flu peaked yet in california. >> there are more hospitalizations and more lab activity. we know that there have been spot shortage autos tomorrow we'll get an update on the situation in california and nationwide. >> in the meantime, bay area farm skpiz facilities are moving into high gear now in anticipation of demand for flu vaccinations. david? >> just in time. yes, indeed. probably go tok a great demand for flu shots now. safeway says it just obtained 200 thousand doses and will make them available throughout the bay area. a public clinic is underway
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today and tomorrow in fremont. >> all done. >> washington hospital holding clinics to meet demand. the flu engulfs the bay area. doctors reminding parents in the to forget about themselves. >> if you get yourself -- your kids vaccinated and don't get yourself vaccinated you may get the flu and not able to work. so it's important to close the loop. >> for those who heeded warnings early, shortages kept people from getting shots. deborah's doctor suggested going to washington hospital clinic. >> i have an appointment later. i decided to come early because it take twoz weeks to kick in. before everything hits, i want to be ready. so my kids and i don't get it. >> the flu can spread quickly at school or work, doctors encourage everyone get vaccinated. >> i have one more daughter
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that needs to get it done. >> hadn't had time yesterdayett? >> she's going to go to get it. >> you sound insis stent. >> absolutely. i believe in it the vaccine is perishable. it's been difficult for pharmacies and pro individualers to know how much to order. this wall greens took down banners out front and left a small one by the road. safeway believes it's prepared with 200,000 dose autos there has been a concern but there they're working hard to get more supply. >> safeway is charging $30 for the shots. if you don't have insurance, you can lower the price if you do have insurance you get a 20% discount on groceries. and there is a clinic
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continuing again tomorrow morning. to get directions to the hospital and more detail goes to our web site. abc 7 >> thank you. >> a flu vaccine is about to hit the market. fda has given approval to flu block for people 18-49 and not made with a live flu virus or grown insifd a chicken egg. thing that's exclude some patients from vaccinations and scare others. fda says it could be available twon weeks, and unlike traditional vaccines this drug can be rapidly produced. >> the state of dozens of norin hostages taken by force in algeria remains unclear. it began yesterday in a remote part of the is a harrah desert. a bus came under attack. hostages report lid including americans were then taken inside of the plant. today, some of the hostages
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were killed. >> we're in communications with the algerian government. the president is being updated. >> dozens remain unaccounted for. >> back here in san francisco nudity activists fighting against the city's ban on being naked in public. that ban takes affect next month unless activists can stop it. we're live with the bare facts of the legal fight. >> the hearing lasted about an hour, the judge took this case under submission saying he knows what the ban scheduled to take affect february 1, he needs to decide this is
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becoming a familiar sight. nudists holing a protest. they took on the city. asking a judge for a preliminary injunction. this is to stop the been on what they call body freedom. to me nudity is a birth rate. we're born this way. >> last month, the board of supervisors prohibiting display of again talls and backsides in public spaisz including veets and sidewalks. this is after complaints from businesses of too many naked guys letting it hang out in the castro neighborhood. the nudists' attorney says her clients constitutional rights are being violated because they believe baring it all is a matter of freedom of speech. >> my client has been, this is part of their political speech.
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they're trying to advocate a clothing optional life style. >> the judge saying nudity doesn't present a message. the same argument the deputy city stourn making. >> this is whether it's likely to convey a message. it's a public likely to notice? >> she's asking the lawsuit against the city be dismissed but if that happens, this case is still unlikely to go away. >> my clients will be probably pursuing an emergency appeal. decision has to be made on the injunction. >> and you can see the argument yourself probably as early as tomorrow. the court is one of those taking part in the cameras in the courtroom pilot project. live in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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>> budget errors. the public utilities commission come under fire for the way it spends, and tracks, money. we are live from sacramento with more. nannette? >> you might remember last summer, parks department had surpluses in two funds, now, an audit finds all kinds of mistakes in 14 special funds managed by california public utilities commission. if you have a cell phone or receive utility bills for electricity, gas, or cable, you pay a list of fees and surcharges that go to state public utilities commission. and a new audit rips how the commission is poorly tracking and spending moneys going into 14 special funds that pay for things like phone service fr disabled. >> we want to assure amounts we're paying and rates are for their intended purposes.
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that they can be accounted for properly. both revenues and expen tours. >> lack the knowledge led to reporting of $400 million. and poor forecasting led to less money collected than anticipated in a fund for subsidized service for rural areas. in one instance, a worker committed an $81 million typo. >> just lousy book keeping is what is going on. >> state senator jerry hill has been pressuring state p.u.c. for years to change what he calls it's come place yenlt ways. since the san bruno explosion, he's criticized how lax the commission is in regulating companies and how cozy the chair sman to companies he regulates now this,. by don't know if they're spending more or less than they should.
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it's begin, our money. >> in a formal response, it basically agreed to almost every finding and promised to correct the problem. >> this autdit found the commission avoided going into the red in cases. governor brown penciled in $200,000 more to hire three additional people to help keep the finances in order. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> managers for cal pers have been making extra money by taking second hourly wage positions within their own departments. that is accord tg a recent audit. calpers says it hired managers to do double duty to launch a new computer system. the speaker calls the finding disturbing and plans to investigate because it may violate state law. >> coming up on the news at 5:00 it's a change in
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continents. where california's fastest growing immigrants ever now coming from. >> subway coming up short on foot long customers. customers get an explanation from the company tonight. >> hi there everyone. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, we're talking some locations in the 70s. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> the bay area's sun saigsal exhibit with explosive images from space. really, remarkable stuff. sfwus.
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look at this. a good samaritan jumps into
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action when an suv lands into a swimming pool. after chasing through a fence she got trapped in a pool. a man helped her out of the suv before it sank. police say he saved her life. >> number of asians imgreating to california is two times greater than those from south america. the data show that's in 2011, 57% of new immigrants were from yaish compared to 22% from latin america that. is a shift from a decade ago when 37% were from asia, and 42% from latin america. primarily, mexico. >> next time you check a restaurant review on ayelp something new may pop up. the service says the ratings from the san francisco health department. users can see what score they got and what violations are on record.
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programmers worked with the health department to get it activated. >> you would have known where to seek information out. and now that audience will be able to access the information quickly. >> san francisco is the first city in the country to list ratings, new york going on line soon from what we understand. >> a major airline made a second attempt to raise air fare autos there is a warning about thieves stealing your gift cards. >> if first you don't suck side, try, try again. united tried to raise ticket prisz for the second time this year. first attempt on january 3 when they were paid up to $5 each way. other carrier dz not follow suit. united brought it fares back down, well, today, it's trying again this, time raising fares up $5 but $10 each way.
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saying it has nothing to do with the grounding of the boeing dream liner jets. you may remember, united owns six of those, thieves are stealing money off guards. the sheriff's department posted this video on facebook. warning that this fraud son the rise, thieves can scan a bar code. once the loading with money they use a copy to buy merchandise. >> this gift card has been tampered wchl the bar code, changed. the santa cruz county sheriff's office recommends get a card with a secure backing. that way, you're in the giving your money to a thief. >> subway, subway. when someone tells you a foot
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long sandwich you probably don't expect to get an 11 inch one. that is what this man says he gt. the man posted a picture of the sandwich next to a ruler on subway's facebook page. by the way, subway has taken it off the page. more than 100,000 people liked or commented on the photo. others have reposted this photo. reporters bought seven of the sandwiches and found four were shy of 12 inches. safeway has been responding by saying when it's not baked to specifications, the sandwich may come up to short. i guess that is short brae braed -- bred. >> good one. >> skillo says -- zillow says home values are up in 350 markets and the white house is no exception. the estimate is, listen to this, $294.9 million.
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up 7% since the president took office in january. >> there is excitement building about the president's second inauguration among a former music promoter. lee housekeeper attended of seven inaugurations. he was recruited to plan a second carter ball. >> said could you help us? we need to put together another ball. so they used then under construction train station. they said what do you want perfect it? we don't have money. can you fly my mom in? they said yes. so i sat her next tho mayor moscon skpismt he danced with her that, is the highlight. >> housekeeper is leaving saturday for the inauguration with his sochblt he plans to catch every moment from swearing in to parade and then,
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to evening balls afterwards. coverage begins on monday with a special edition of good morning america. we'll stream coverage live in washington starting at 6:30 monday morning. people have been thankful it feels nicer outside. >> you can tell it's heating up. >> yes. you can. just mentioning before the break some locations are 70 degrees, beautiful shot, sunsetting over the bay. this is clear, live doppler 7, also, showing you no moisture, no returns this hour, readings yeah. still pulling a few 60s today. 51 in san francisco, nef
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vatto, clear skies. redwood city, 64 degrees and los gatos now, 60. here is a look at the forecast. spare the air day today, folks getting ready for another spare the air day tomorrow, also, surf will be bilgd over the weekend so high surf advisory is in place. sunny, mild conditions with us for this holiday weekend. poor air quality in the north bay down towards the coast and central bay. keep that in mind. elsewhere, then, mentioned tomorrow will be the third day for poor air quality. lows tonight you may have noticed this morning not as cold out there. values mid to low 30s in the
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north bay. closer you get to pin anyone slarks also, the bay and we'll as well as up the coast, temperatures overnight into upper 30s to low 40s. high pressure parked itself over pacific northwest. you'll notice clouds well north of us. that is where this jet stream s as long as this shy in place, get get ready for a milder pattern heading into friday, saturday, sunday. peeking of -- speak of weekend there is a storm system. that is going to trigger strong swells, be careful out there. we're looking for a high surf advisory saturday morning through sunday afternoon. night rite now, wave heights three, four feet but expected to build over the weekend with swells up to 20 feet. strong rip currents as well as
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large, breaking waves. highs for tomorrow, how about 60s? it's go tok mild out there. 53, san francisco. mid to low 60s in the peninsula. looks like there are some 70s breaking out. this is the accu-weather forecast. a string of mild, sunny days. saturday and sunday looking terrific in the 60s across many locations. we'll cool things down next week. >> i like it, thank you very much. >> an explosive new show, pictures of the sun from space, up next. >> it's not subway. stay with us. also, new at 6:00 we're going to explain why researcher woz build a microscope out of legos. legos. thssure and get a colde high be
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sky 7 is live over an apartment building where police say a man has been shot. no details on what happened. and whether the man was targeted but officers say the 24-year-old's wounds are not critical. a neighbor tells us someone drove him to the hospital after the shooting instead of waiting for an ambulance. >> some people reported seeing a bright light in the sky. we checked with experts and they say it was like a a meteor turning into a fireball. we saw this amazing exhibit this, is almost realtime video of the suchblt visitors can see different heat areas zoom in on a region or wet past solar flaerz. this can be taken in on a 90
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inch display. >> sun has been the focal point since dawn of man. each created a story of what is that? is that a chariot crossing the sky? sun god? >> there are i hib yits to draw on sun screen seeing what it's like. >> that is spectacular. >> very cool. >> stay with us. the you can say the first lady
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coming up at 6:00, seniors common targets of scam artists. you'll see what one woman did to keep. >> more people playing video games on smart phones of we'll give you a peek at a brand new game some say is a match made
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in heaven. >> thank you. >> today is first lady michelle obama's 49th birthday. >> check this out. office released this photo. you can see her sporting shorter bangs. >> this is in time for the inauguration monday, and also comes on the same day she launch aid new official twitter account. >> happy birthday to first lady. >> absolutely. a programming note abc 7 news sports reporter traveling to atlanta to occur cover the nfl championship game. >> it's the game we're going to win. >> yes. the reports start tomorrow here on abc 7. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we ap this is "world news." tonight, deadly mission. the breaking news about the
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american hostages, the attempted rescue. some captives wired with explosives. and our martha raddatz is traveling with the u.s. secretary of defense. also tonight, housing boom. big new numbers. and how more people are building smarter for the changing american family. >> hi! how are you? strange twists, in the story of football powerhouse manti te'o and the girlfriend that never was. and wide awake. imagine waking up during surgery, feeling everything. you can't say a word. >> i was as awake as i am right now. it was terrifying. >> it happens to thousands of people. and tonight, there's hope of a new way to make sure it never happens to you. good evening. tonight, we begin with the


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